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Delaware Anti-Bullying Law

What to do if being bullied?

Are you being cyberbullied?

School responsiblity


What to do if you or a friend are being bullied?

If you are being bullied on school grounds, according to state law, you may contact the followng authoraties:

  1. School Principal, teacher, and/or counselor.
  2. School Superintendent.
  3. Parents

If you are being cyber-bullied you may report the harassment to the following people,

  1. Website, application, server administrator.
  2. Parents


Is it bullying?1

In the state of Delaware, "bullying" is defined as intentional written, electronic, verbal or physical act or
actions against another student, school volunteer or school employee that has an effect of:

  1. Placing victim in reasonable fear of substantial harm to his or her emotional or physical well-being or substantial damages to property;
  2. Creating a hostile, threatening, humiliating or abusive educational environment;
  3. Interfering with a student having a safe school environment that is necessary to facilitate educational performance, opportunities
    or benefits;
  4. inciting, soliciting or coercing an individual or group to demean, dehumanize, embarrass or cause emotional, psychological or physical harm;


State Delaware
Bullying Law Yes
Include "cyberbullying" No 
Include electronic harassment Yes 
Criminal Sanction No 
School sanction Yes 
Require School Policy Yes 
Include off campus behaviors? No 



  • State has a law pertaining to bullying
  • The term cyberbullying is NOT specifically included
  • The law does include electronic harassment
  • The law does NOT provide for criminal sanctions
  • The law does have a school policy on bullying
  • State does NOT follow federal law for off-campus bullying behavior

School's reponsibility for OFF campus bullying

There is no official policy for OFF campuse bullying, however,

Each school district and charter school shall establish a policy which, at a minimum, includes the following components:

  1. A statement prohibiting bullying of any person on school property or at school functions or by use of data or computer software
    that is accessed through a computer, computer system, computer network or other electronic technology of a school district or charter
    school from kindergarten through grade 12
  2. Direction to develop a school-wide bullying prevention program

News about Bullying in Delaware




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