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What to do if being bullied?

Are you being cyberbullied?

School responsiblity


What to do if you or a friend are being bullied?3

If you are being bullied on school grounds, according to state law, you may contact the followng authoraties:

  1. School Principle
  2. School Superintedent
  3. School Counselor

If you are being cyber-bullied you may report the harassment to the following people,

  1. The website, application, or server administrator

* By state law local authoraties can only aid if the act is defined as harassment (Act 2009-571, p. 1674, §3.)


Is it bullying?4

It is the intent of the Legislature to provide for the adoption of policies in public school systems to prevent the harassment of students. It is the further intent of the Legislature that this chapter apply only to student against student harassment, intimidation, violence, and threats of violence in the public schools of Alabama, grades prekindergarten through 12, and that the State Department of Education develop, and each local board of education adopt procedural policies to manage and possibly prevent these acts against any student by another student or students based on the characteristics of a student.

Additionally, it is the intent of the Legislature that the filing of a complaint of harassment be in writing and submitted by the affected student, or the parent or guardian of the affected student, and not by an education employee on behalf of an affected student or his or her parent or guardian.


State Alabama
Bullying Law Yes 
Include "cyberbullying" No 
Include electronic harassment Yes 
Criminal Sanction No 
School sanction No 
Require School Policy Yes 
Include off campus behaviors? Yes 



  • State has a law pertaining to bullying
  • The term cyberbullying is NOT specifically included
  • The law does include electronic harassment
  • The law does NOT provide for criminal sanctions
  • The law does have a school policy on bullying
  • State does follow federal law for off-campus bullying behavior


School's reponsibility for OFF campus bullying1

Each school shall do all of the following:

(1) Develop and implement evidence-based practices to promote a school environment that is free of harassment, intimidation, violence, and threats of violence.

(2) Develop and implement evidence-based practices to prevent harassment, intimidation, violence, and threats of violence based, as a minimum, on the criteria established by this chapter and local board policy, and to intervene when such incidents occur.

(3) Incorporate into civility, citizenship, and character education curricula awareness of and sensitivity to the prohibitions of this chapter and local board policy against harassment, intimidation, violence, and threats of violence.

(4) Report statistics to the local board of actual violence, submitted reports of threats of violence, and harassment. The local board shall provide the statistics of the school system and each school in the school system to the department for posting on the department website. The posted statistics shall be available to the public and any state or federal agency requiring the information. The identity of each student involved shall be protected and may not be posted on the department website.

(Act 2009-571, p. 1674, §6.)

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