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Arkansas Anti-Bullying Law

What to do if being bullied?

Are you being cyberbullied?

School responsiblity


What to do if you or a friend are being bullied?

If you are being bullied on school grounds, according to Arkasnas state law, you may contact the followng authoraties:

  1. School Principle
  2. School Faculty
  3. School Counselor
  4. School Superintendent
  5. Parents

If you are being cyber-bullied you may report the harassment to the following people, 

  1. Any and all trusted school faculty memeber such as: Teachers, Superintendents, Principal, conselor
  2. Parents

*Any information can be submitted anonymously


Is it bullying?1

In the state of Arkansas bullying, both physical and electronical, is defined as:

- the intentional harassment, intimidation, humiliation, ridicule, defamation, or threat or incitement of violence by a student against another student or public school employee by a written, verbal, electronic, or physical act. In which may lead to:

  1. Physical harm/damage to student/employee or their property
  2. Substantial interference to a students education 
  3. Hostile education enviornment


State Arkansas 
Bullying Law Yes 
Include "cyberbullying" Yes 
Include electronic harassment Yes 
Criminal Sanction Yes 
School sanction Yes 
Require School Policy Yes 
Include off campus behaviors? Yes 



  • State has a law pertaining to bullying
  • The term cyberbullying is specifically included
  • The law does include electronic harassment
  • The law does provide for criminal sanctions
  • The law does have a school policy on bullying
  • State does follow federal law for off-campus bullying behavior


School's reponsibility for OFF campus bullying

The school may enforce policies if a student is being physically/electroncially harassed on/off campus. Those policies may differ from school district.

*See resource 3 for more info*

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