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As one we are weak, but many we are strong!

Bullying has been something that I have dealt with my entire life, whether that is being a victim of bullying or an advocate for those who can no longer speak for themselves. I have been involved with a few organizations that have run bullying and suicide prevention programs such as 'To Write Love on Her Arms' and 'Fighting for Ophelia'. But is this enough?

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'What do you think' Article - "Possibly stripped of my identity"

There was a pro-black post on Instagram promoting Black history knowledge. The Instagram page was pro-black and specifically anti-white. One of the posts was a video of a man preaching about racism in America. The video link had the incorrect name of the video and someone had commented on the video correcting the post with the correct name so that people may be refereed to the correct video. I clicked on that person's profile, and they appeared to be of mixed race by my own initial perception, but not completely black by any means, neither solely white. The owner of the page commented on the man's comment and stated something like,

"Hey there little fella, I think you're lost, this is a page by Black people and for Black people ONLY, you may be lost. Take your white ass home you fucking cracker". 

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"Just turn off the computer"

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Sophia William
The increasing ratio of cyberbullying crises is usually anonymous or difficult to trace. It's also tough to control, and the perso... Read More
Friday, 18 October 2019 10:27
Zenaida Beck
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Saturday, 15 February 2020 08:26
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AJ's Blog: Conrad's Story

On July 13, 2014, Conrad Roy III was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning inside his truck, parked in the parking lot of a K-mart in Bristol County, Massachusetts. Conrad was 18 years old and was known to have struggled with mental illness and depression. As if the suicide and loss of their son was not already devastating enough for Conrad’s parents, they discovered within a few months the shocking role that his girlfriend played in their son’s death. The following conversation contains words shared between Conrad and and his girlfriend, Michelle Carter, just hours before he committed “suicide” - or did he?

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AJ's Blog: Khari - Love yourself

A rap song performed by a concerned father who wanted a healthy way to teach his bullied daughter about how to overcome negativity in life.

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