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Bullying has been something that I have dealt with my entire life, whether that is being a victim of bullying or an advocate for those who can no longer speak for themselves. I have been involved with a few organizations that have run bullying and suicide prevention programs such as 'To Write Love on Her Arms' and 'Fighting for Ophelia'. But is this enough?


We continuously hear stories of children as young as the age of 9 committing suicide because of the words of individuals who truly do not care about how the things that they say affect people. Before social media and other means of instant communication, people had the ability to confront their bully but now, these social media platforms make it easier for people to say hurtful things and not be held responsible.

It is not enough to stick up for someone online with just a single tweet because although you are sending a message of kindness, it is being flooded by messages of hate. The connection between bullying and suicide is something that cannot be ignored. Children are ending their lives because of the harsh words and judgment coming from their peers and from people who know nothing about them over social media.  

In January of 2015, a young woman who was only 15 years old had ended her life because of the torment that others have put her through. Her death ignited the fire to try to prevent this from happening to another individual with a bright future ahead of them. Last year, I was involved with and helped an organization called, 'CareB4UShare'. The organization is set out to promote awareness on internet safety, cyberbullying, and suicide prevention as well as empowerment of today’s youth.  

We need more individuals who are willing to fight for those who cannot speak themselves. We need to realize that bullying and suicide are preventable and we have to power to do something about it.

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Monday, 21 October 2019
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