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"Just turn off the computer"



  Cyberbullying has been the cause of numerous cases of depression and even suicide. Yet some people still believe that it does not exist and is an easily avoidable situation. Just like global warming, pretending this issue isn’t real will not make it go away. The concept of “just turning off the computer and going outside” may seem like a probable solution but there is quite more involved. Computers have transitioned from a luxury item to a necessity.

    Most students are on the computer for the majority of the day whether it’s for checking emails, research or keeping in touch with family and friends. It has become near impossible to not venture on the internet. Many websites have provided the block option that allows the user to prevent others from messaging. However there are many ways around this using the same website that allows the block option. It’s possible to keep making usernames or go on other social media sites to keep attacking the victim. Just shutting off the computer will not stop a determined bully. Another issue most do not think about is that this might lead to students not wanting to be on the computer to check emails or contact their groups because they have built up anxiety from these sites. This also leads to anxiety about going to school and wondering who sent these messages or facing the people you know who did. For older generations it may seem as if cyber bullying is easily escapable but the only way to prevent this issue is to raise awarness and help those who are being cyber bullied.

-Birabaharan, Samantha

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019
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