A rap song performed by a concerned father who wanted a healthy way to teach his bullied daughter about how to overcome negativity in life.

He brings up multiple insecurities any person can suffer from while growing up. He emphasizes that simply loving yourself, eating well, exercising, and being a healthy person will allow you to overcome negative comments made by your peers throughout your lifetime. He also emphasizes that no matter what you look like some people will always have something negative to say and you will have insecurities about yourself you must overcome.

The song mostly is set inside a classroom, given a clear impression that the artist wants to teach his audience, not simply entertain them. The song is meant to uplift bullied children as well as educate them on the eternal fact that each one of them is worthy, priceless, and perfect the way they are no matter what others say.

One thing the artist touches on, in particular, is dealing with personal insecurities about your own weight. He says his youngest daughter is bullied for being over-weight while his eldest daughter is insecure for not being “thicker”. The point being that we all feel insecure and will be bullied, no matter what we look like on the outside - it is what we look like on the inside that truly matters.